Membership, Business, Education Forms

Membership, Business, Education Forms

B.C. Chapter Memberships

Membership in the RAC BC Chapter is now automatic with your yearly RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada) Membership.


Associate Membership

The RAC By-Laws states, “An Associate Member is a person that is non-practicing but certified by the Association.”

RAC Associate Membership Renewal Form – 2018

RAC-National Memberships

RAC National Membership form can now be completed online. You can click Here!
(Also provides membership in the B.C. Chapter at no additional cost)

For practicing Reflexologists registered with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC-national). Registered members of RAC, who pay membership fees directly to RAC-national are considered members of the B.C. Chapter and do not pay additional annual chapter membership fees. However, to become an active member of the B.C. Chapter, a “Dues Statement” or “Membership Confirmation” form must be completed and submitted to the B.C. Chapter Membership Director when your annual fees to RAC-national have been paid. This statement is a requirement of RAC-national and ensures the B.C. Chapter becomes a portion of the dues that B.C. members submit to RAC-national. Failure to submit this form will result in your RAC-BC membership being considered as “inactive”, which will result in the inability to access benefits offered by the B.C. Chapter.

RAC is in the middle of a transition:

Starting Fall 2018, all prospective professional members will need to pass theoretical and practical RCRT (Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist) exams to qualify to become Professional Members of the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC).

Benefits and Programs for Members

Insurance and Extended Medical Benefits

You may contact our Insurance Agents directly to discuss your requirements at any time.

Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd.
(Liability Insurance)
423 King Street North, Waterloo, ON N2J 2Z5
Tel: 519-579-3333 Ext. 322
Fax: 519-579-1151
Toll-Free: 1-800-265-2625

Knight Archer Insurance Brokers
(Health Care Benefits)
Reflexology Association of Canada Group Benefit Plan
Ryan Riffel or Brennan Boyko
Tel: 1-306-569-2289 or Toll Free 1-888-818-5032

Step 1: Complete and submit the Request for Quotation stating your desired coverage to our representative at the email listed on the form or to the address listed in the box above.

Step 2: If you accept the quotation when it is returned, fill out the Enrollment Application. Note: On the form: Name of Employer is you or the name you call your Reflexology Practice. Name of employee is you.

Step 3: All applicants other than applicants who are part of an “Eligible Group” of 3 or more (see below for group description) must complete and submit the Evidence of Insurability Form, which provides a health background. Again: On the form, Name of Employer is you or the name you call your Reflexology Practice. Name of employee is you.

Step 4: If you are applying for the “Critical Illness” benefit option you must fill out the Critical Illness Application. Again: On the form, Name of Employer is you or the name you call your Reflexology Practice. Name of employee is you.

Definition of an Eligible Group: To be eligible for group rates, there must be an employer/employee relationship between you and other individuals applying for coverage under your plan. In other words, if you have employees or pay a salary to someone in your clinic or practice, you may apply for coverage as a group. Every member within the group must participate in the same plan. Members applying for family coverage (spouses or dependents) are not considered an eligible group and cannot apply for group rates. The Employer must submit the “Group Application”. Please complete and submit the “Request for Quotation” (above) prior to submitting this Form.

Community Group Program and Trade Show Participation Guide – A RAC-BC Program

A guide that explains the benefits and the purpose of the Community Group program and participation in Trade Show events. This guide contains the Regulations associated with formation of a Group, recommendations in how to successfully paticipate in Trade Shows and Community Events, roles for participating members and guidelines on how to provide 10 minute trial sessions at events.

The 10 minute trial session may also be downloaded on an individual sheet.

RCRT Program – The Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist Program – A RAC-National Program

RCRT Professional Development and Continuing Education Credit Program Program Documentation

RCRT Program Information and Guidelines for members.
List of activities that can earn credits and the various categories associated with the program.

Program Forms

CEU Study Group Form 2017 – for applying for CEU credits when group meeting are educational in nature – Category 1.
Study Group Suggestion Information Sheet
Personal Development form – for applying for CEU credits when researching, book reviews or writing an article for publication.
CEU Log Sheet – For keeping track of and logging your CEU credits.

Other Programs

Independant Research Program

For members interested in completing case studies – Independent Research – This program is eligible for CEU Credits

Individual – Case Study Form – for members interested in independent research – in
Individual Case Study Release Authorization Form.

Forms for your Practice

Client Personal Health Insurance Plans

Letter for client to send to their Human Resources
For more information contact Reflexology of Canada Head Office

Client Personal Information and Medical History Form & Client Session Charting Forms

These forms are copyrighted by the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). Permission for use is granted to RAC RCRT members only and cannot be used by other professionals without obtaining prior permission from RAC.

Privacy Form
Health Record Form
Foot Initial Treatment Record
Follow-up Treatment Record
Case Study Form
CEU Log Sheet
CEU Personal Development Form
CEU Study Group Form
Health Show Health Waiver Form

Promotional Material

RAC Brochure – There is room on the outside page of the RAC Brochure where you can add your contact information.

Additional Information

RAC Bylaws

Please contact RAC or the RAC-BC Chapter Secretary for a copy of the bylaws.

Chapter Manual

Please contact the RAC-BC Chapter Secretary for a copy of the Chapter Manual.

Study Groups

Study Group Suggestion Information Sheet

Peer Advice

Reflexology on Babies
Reflexology and Color Therapy