Continuing Education

Considering a Career in Reflexology?

Where to begin?

The training to become a Reflexologist is provided in the courses offered and taught by approved Instructors of the Reflexology Association of Canada. To be a Reflexologist, you must be comfortable with touching another person’s hands, feet and/or ears for an extended period, as you will learn how to correctly identify and work specific points in one or more of these areas. You must have a simple understanding of how the human body works and a desire to expand your knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology. Like many other occupations there are also other areas of general knowledge that should be considered as well. As most Reflexologists are self employed, it is best to have some business sense and an understanding of professional conduct. If you lack some basics or have no experience in these areas, take some classes or read up on the subjects.

As any other career or occupation, Reflexology takes study and practice. Attending a simple workshop designed to introduce you to Reflexology does not qualify, nor provide the training to become a Reflexologist. Be prepared to commit up to a year to complete your course and gain enough hands on experience that provides you with the confidence to correctly apply Reflexology techniques.

For the basic understanding of what is involved in the art of Reflexology, the best thing to do is go through a few books on the subject. If you would like to look through some reference material, here is a link that provides some recommended books and literature. This courtesy is provided by Virginia Sevilla, one of our Instructors.

Are you prepared to become a Reflexologist?

To register for a Reflexology Course contact:

Reflexology Association of Canada
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Courses offered by professional RAC Instructors are as follows. For more course information you may contact the Association or the Instructor directly by email or telephone at their respective number.